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Charter fishing | OBX Connection Message Board (1)By: Derm87
1/27/2022 4:41 PM

My family and I have been coming down the first week of May for the last 5 years or so. Every year we usual get a charter boat for off shore fishing its always a blast, I should also say its out of Hatteras. This year we are coming down the first week of June is there really any big difference in the fish, or is bottom/Wreck fishing better for this time of year?


Charter fishing | OBX Connection Message Board (2)By: Greg MD
1/28/2022 11:08 PM

Wreck fishing will likely be better in June than what you have seen in May. Fish move closer to shore as the sea temps rise and fish also will move north for the summer, bringing a better variety of fish to the wrecks.

I haven't been wreck fishing out of Hatteras specifically but I have been wreck fishing countless times. The best wreck fishing opportunity is when the conditions allow the captain to remain over exactly where the fish are holding around a wreck. Swinging right or left 50' can take the boat completely off the fish and the bite stops. Even using two anchors set off the bow in a wide "V" isn't always enough to hold position. Pick a day when the winds and waves are calmer and you'll have a better chance of a good day. A confused sea where the wind will change direction drastically (like 90 degrees or more) the night before or day of your trip really makes holding a good position almost impossible because the waves will be coming from two different directions and swing the boat back and forth at anchor, even while using two anchors, called a Bahamian Moor, btw.


Charter fishing | OBX Connection Message Board (3)By: Pickle
1/29/2022 8:22 AM

Wreck/Bottom Fishing is by far the most productive trip on the Outer Banks. Whether it be Hatteras or Oregon Inlet, I think you will be very satisfied. However, this type of fishing out of Hatteras is significantly different than out of Oregon Inlet. I'm a charterboat owner and retired Captain sailing out of Wanchese . We specialize in Wreck and Deepwater Bottom Fishing. The Hatteras Fleet fish closer and much shallower, Target fish is heavily Triggerfish, Black Sea Bass and some small Vermillion Snapper and occasional Grouper. Whereas the "Bread and Butter" fish for the OI Fleet is Blueline Tiles with Black Sea Bass a close second. Depending on what time of year and location fished OI does have Triggers, Southern Hake and occasional Amberjack. Luckily you chose May because the Southeast Region NMFS has established quite a few Seasons and Closures. There are different seasons between Hatteras and OI. In recent years most if not all Bottom Fishing has been Closed from January through April in both Hatteras and OI. May is generally wide open. However you have to be careful with Sea Bass which does not open till May 15th up in OI. Greg MD has some very good advice about Weather and Anchoring, but very few Charter boats anchor in our area especially out of OI. This is a Headboat thing. Charter Boats are not equipped with enough Anchor Line, Double Pulleyed Bowspit and big Capstan Winch, nor do they have storage space for the anchor line. To anchor a 50 foot boat in 200 feet of water with moderate seas would take at least 600, maybe 800 feet of line. Double Anchoring needs 1000's of feet of Line. Occasionally, some smaller boats fishing shallow, small Inshore Wrecks will use Wreck Anchors. Most Charterboats will drift, using their engine (s) to hold over a piece. Strong winds do not allow for this. I hope you enjoy your trip.


Charter fishing | OBX Connection Message Board (4)By: Renee
1/29/2022 4:53 PM

WE have fished out of Oden's Dock on my SIL's boat year round and always have a good trip, just different at different times. We bottom fish unless we happen to see something worth casting to or trolling for. It's hard work when you are fishing 2-3 hundred feet deep. But so worth it. I have trigger fish and sea bass and sometimes snappers ( just a few days a year) and wahoo and other random fish in my freezer at all times and that is what its all about to me.

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Charter fishing | OBX Connection Message Board (5)By: Derm87
2/1/2022 11:05 AM

Thanks Everyone.


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