34 Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas, Games & Activities in 2024 (2024)

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Virtual Valentine’s Day ideas are ways to celebrate February 14th online with your sweetheart, friends, family, students, or coworkers. For example, by playing games like scavenger hunts, doing activities like virtual chocolate tastings, and going on online dates. The purpose of these ideas is to foster interaction and connection online.

Virtual Valentine’s Day parties are virtual team celebrations and examples for Valentine’s Day team building activities. For other celebrations around February, learn about virtual Chinese New Year ideas.

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This article contains:

  • Virtual Valentine‚Äôs Day ideas for work
  • Virtual Valentine‚Äôs ideas for school & students
  • Online Valentine‚Äôs Day activities

Let’s get to it!

Virtual Valentine’s Day ideas for work

From virtual wine tasting classes to icebreakers, here are fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with remote teams.

1. Virtual Valentine’s Day Bingo

Remote Bingo is a fun way to warm up an online crowd, kick off an online meeting, and foster interaction between video call attendees. First, send participants Bingo boards. Players mark off squares by chatting with other guests. When attendees find other squares that describe other players, they write the name in the box. The first player to mark five consecutive squares wins.

We made a Virtual Valentine’s Day Bingo card for you to download and use. Feel free to add your own clues!

34 Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas, Games & Activities in 2024 (2)

Players can either mingle as one large group, or hold more intimate conversations in breakout rooms. Gameplay can last for anywhere from 10 minutes to the length of the whole call.

Be sure to randomize the squares so that not everyone wins at once!

2. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Online scavenger hunts are fun ways to entertain attendees on video calls. To perform a virtual Valentine’s Day Scavenger hunt, give your video call participants prompts one by one.

We made a virtual Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt template for you to use with your crew.

34 Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas, Games & Activities in 2024 (3)

Be sure to break into teams at the start of the game, and assign points to the team whose member completes the task first or best. At the end of the activity, tally up the points and assign one team the winner.

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3. Virtual Valentine’s Day Trivia

Holiday trivia is a fun way to celebrate any occasion, whether you kick off a video meeting with a few questions, sprinkle challenges throughout a call, or compete in a formal online tournament.

We created some online Valentine’s Day Trivia questions you can use to quiz your friends, family members, or coworkers during your February Zoom calls.

34 Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas, Games & Activities in 2024 (5)

Even if you do not have time to meet up to play a game on Zoom, trivia also works well as a daily or weekly social media or email challenge!

Here is a guide on how to do virtual trivia.

4. Name that love tune

Hundreds of songs are about love or have the word ‚Äúlove‚ÄĚ in the title or lyrics. Name that love tune is a good Valentine‚Äôs Day Game to play on video call.

To play:

  1. Split the group into teams
  2. Take turns singing or humming a love song, or play two songs simultaneously.
  3. Challenge players to name the tunes.
  4. Award points to teams that guess correctly.

For extra fun, ask the losing team to serenade the winners!

5. Speed dating

Speed dating is a virtual team bonding activity where employees meet and chat with teammates they might not often interact with. The concept is simple: during a set timespan, participants will have short five minute conversations with coworkers.

The easiest way to facilitate speed dating is to match pairs with a random team generator, then post the pairings in a Slack channel at regular intervals. Employees will start one-on-one chats or video calls on their own.

Or, you can move participants between breakout rooms in Zoom, though this approach is more manual and requires organization.

6. Secret admirers

Secret admirers is a quick morale booster for employees that strengthens relationships between coworkers. First, assign pairs as you would for an office Secret Santa. To make the process easier, use a random pair generator. Then, notify participants who their ‚Äúperson‚ÄĚ is.

Instead of merely exchanging gifts, coworkers spend the week sending each other words of encouragement and praise, inspirational quotes, funny GIFS, pictures, and videos, from a decoy email address. Gifters can send small digital gifts too, such as e-gift cards, apps, music files, or games.

At the end of the week, the secret admirers reveal themselves, but recipients can try to guess identities beforehand. This activity spreads positivity, gratitude, and goodwill throughout your team.

Here is a list of inspiration quotes your team members can use.

7. Virtual chocolate tasting

Virtual chocolate tasting is a fun Valentine’s themed team building event to do with your crew.

To host a virtual chocolate tasting:

  1. Select chocolate samplers with assorted flavors. Extra points if you pick interesting options like chili, maple, or passion fruit.
  2. Send the boxes to your team.
  3. Gather on a video call.
  4. Taste the chocolates together and share your opinions.

To make the activity extra entertaining, try fun variations like a virtual chocolate-making lesson or a daredevil taste test where every bite is bizarre.

Here is a list of virtual chocolate tasting activities.

For more inspiration, check out our list of virtual team building ideas, and add a Valentine’s spin to any of the activities on that list.

8. Valentines ecards

Last Valentine‚Äôs Day, I arrived at the office to find a card on my keyboard that read, ‚ÄúValentine, you are Dino-mite,‚ÄĚ with a stegosaurus pin. Adults do not tire of receiving Valentines after grade school. Receiving a fun and kind word from a colleague brightens an employees‚Äô day, and virtual Valentines ecards can help remote workers feel less lonely and disconnected from peers.

To send virtual Valentines, use a program like Canva to create personalized cards, or send pre-made ecards from sites like American Greetings or Hallmark.

For inspiration, check out our employee appreciation quotes. Or, consider employing Valentine’s Day puns.

9. Virtual Valentine’s Day Party

Hosting a virtual Valentine’s Day party for your remote team is a great way to fight off loneliness and isolation. Not to mention, February is bleak in colder climates, and a virtual social event is a great way to chase away midwinter blues.

To host a virtual Valentine’s Day Party, invite coworkers to a video call on a web conferencing platform like Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

Here are some good Virtual Valentine’s Day Party ideas

  • Dress up in pink and red. Consider having a costume contest and award a prize to the guest with the best accessory.
  • Display custom Zoom backgrounds with hearts or romantic locations.
  • Play virtual Valentine‚Äôs games.
  • Send attendees a handwritten note and gifts like candy, desserts, stationary, costume jewellery, or heart socks.
  • Curate a playlist of your favorite love songs

The holiday celebrates love in general, not just romance, so seize the opportunity to share what you love most about your job and coworkers.

Here is a full list of celebration ideas for virtual teams.

10. Romcom Movie Night

Movie nights are great ideas for virtual social events. To host your own romcom team movie night with your remote crew, invite teammates to a video call, then use a program like Watch2Gether to synchronize video play. Either vote on movie titles pre-party, or invite attendees to share their favorite clips from funny love movies in a mini-rom-com film festival.

Here are some work-friendly romantic comedy movies:

  • Roman Holiday
  • It Happened One Night
  • Notting Hill
  • Crazy Rich Asians
  • The Princess Bride
  • Groundhog Day
  • Say Anything

Commentary is one of the best parts of any movie night, so encourage your colleagues to discuss the film during the screening for extra team bonding fun!

Here are more movies to watch with your team.

11. Valentine’s Day icebreakers

Exchanging Valentine’s icebreakers at the start of meetings or team building events acts as a nice acknowledgement of the holiday. These prompts serve as low-pressure ways to acknowledge the holiday.

Here are some good virtual Valentine’s Day icebreakers:

  • What is the biggest romantic gesture you ever performed?
  • Do you believe in soulmates?
  • What is your ideal Valentine‚Äôs Day date?
  • What is your ideal Valentine‚Äôs Day gift?
  • What was the best Valentine‚Äôs Day you ever had?
  • What was the worst Valentine‚Äôs Day you ever had?
  • Would you ever go on a blind date on Valentine‚Äôs?
  • What is the worst date you ever witnessed?
  • What is your favorite chocolate?
  • How do you express love?
  • What is your deal breaker in a relationship?
  • Name one past celebrity crush.
  • What is your favorite romantic comedy?
  • What is your favorite love song?
  • What is the best love story you ever heard?
  • If you could marry anyone in the world, real or fictional, who would it be?
  • What is the stupidest decision a character in a romantic movie ever made?
  • How did you meet your partner?

Feel free to think up more talking points, just remember to keep conversations PG and work-appropriate.

Here is a list with more ice breaker questions for work.

12. Virtual wine tasting classes

Virtual wine tasting classes are great team building ideas for Valentines Day. Teammates can bond via Zoom, while gaining wine knowledge to impress future dates. First, find an online wine tasting class. Be aware that certain states have strict mailing regulations about alcohol, so you may want to either check the rules or find a local vendor that offers pickup. Or, provide attendees with a list of wines to bring, and reimburse them for the cost.

Next, meet up via video call, and try the wine types one by one, discussing impressions along the way. Fun variations on this theme include pairing wines with snacks and playing virtual happy hour games.

For more pointers, check out our post on virtual wine tasting classes.

13. Rom com charades

Rom com charades is a fun online team building game to enjoy with remote coworkers, friends, or family members.

To play:

  1. Divide the group into teams
  2. Choose a romantic comedy by using a random movie generator or picking from a list of rom coms
  3. Privately message the name of the movie to one player
  4. Ask the player to either act out the title or plot of the film
  5. Give teams 60 seconds to guess
  6. Award points for correct answers.

At the end of the game, tally up the points and declare a winner.

Here are more games to play on video calls.

14. Love poetry slam

Swapping silly sonnets is a fun way to share Valentines fun online.

To conduct your love poetry slam:

  1. Split the group into small teams.
  2. Assign each team a random object to write a poem about.
  3. Give each team 5 to 10 minutes to write a 3 to 5 line masterpiece.
  4. Have groups reconvene and take turns reading pieces aloud.
  5. Ask other players to figure out what the poem is about.

Assign points every time a player guesses correctly, and feel free to award bonus points for humor and creativity!

Virtual Valentine’s Day activities for school

From card-making to interactive games, here are suggestions for celebrating Valentine’s Day remotely with kids and students.

15. Online Valentine’s Day Word Searches

Word searches are great games to play with kids on Valentine’s Day. To solve these puzzles via video call, open the game board, share your screen, and ensure that annotation ability is on for all participants. Children can circle phrases they find.

We made a virtual Valentine’s Day Word Search template.

34 Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas, Games & Activities in 2024 (6)

You can turn the search into a race and keep score of how many words each participant finds.

This game is sure to be a hit not only with kids, but as an icebreaker for word lovers or anyone with a competitive streak!

Here are more word games to play with groups.

16. Heart-tac-toe

Heart-tac-toe is an easy-to-set-up and easy-to-play online Valentine’s game. The challenge follows the same rules as tic-tac-toe, only instead of using X’s and O’s, players use X’s and hearts.

34 Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas, Games & Activities in 2024 (7)

To play:

  1. Start a Zoom meeting
  2. Screen share and choose the digital whiteboard app
  3. Select the draw tool. Draw four lines to make a tic-tac-toe board with nine squares.
  4. Choose who goes first.
  5. Take turns placing heart or x stamps in the squares.
  6. The first player to connect three symbols in a row, column, or diagonal wins.

You can switch who uses the heart stamp between games. If you are an adult playing with a kid then let them play as hearts!

17. Love languages

There are thousands of languages in the world, which means there are thousands of ways to say those three special words. One fun and educational online Valentine‚Äôs Day activity for students is to teach a lesson on how to say ‚ÄúI love you,‚ÄĚ in different languages.

Here is a guide that outlines some of the most common ways to say the phrase.

34 Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas, Games & Activities in 2024 (8)

Once your students have mastered their love languages, they can write Valentines to send to folks around the globe!

18. Valentine’s Making

Crafting and exchanging cards is one of the most basic Valentine’s Day traditions, and is easy to do online. To launch a Valentine’s Day card making session, follow along with a live or video card-making tutorial during a video call. Here is a YouTube playlist of Valentine’s Day cards and crafts tutorials for kids, and here is a Pinterest collection of children’s Valentine’s card ideas.You can also use Canva to craft ecards.

Once you finish your masterpieces, surprise family members with the creations.

19. DIY Valentine’s Escape Room

Escape rooms keep kids occupied for hours, and are easy to build at home. This February, create a Valentines-themed escape room for kids to solve. Either design a virtual escape room, or build a physical escape room at home. Clues can include love letters and hidden hearts, and you can hide hints in flower vases, candy boxes, and the pockets of stuffed animals.

For more tips, check out our article on free DIY escape room puzzle ideas and this one with digital escape rooms.

20. Online M-A-S-H or fortune telling

Some of the best children’s Valentine’s games revolve around dreaming of the future. By playing an online game of MASH, you can playfully predict the kind of person your kid will marry.

Here are the rules to MASH:

  1. Each round, concoct four answers for categories like spouse, job, and number of kids.
  2. Ask one player to draw a spiral, while another dictates when to stop.
  3. Tally the number of outside lines in the spiral. This count will be the magic number.
  4. Count by the magic number, and cross off the option you land on.
  5. Continue until there is only one answer left in each category. This choice will be the player’s fate.

Either use a digital whiteboard and chatbox to play MASH during a video call, or use a free MASH app with the screenshare to play electronically.

Virtual date ideas

From virtual art classes to game and movie nights to music challenges, here is a list of fun and romantic online dates for Valentine’s Day.

21. Virtual cooking class

Attending a virtual class together is a great way to spend quality time while learning a new skill. First, find an online cooking class. Next, book your date and time, gather your ingredients, join your video meeting, and cook along with the chef. At the end of the activity, enjoy your meal together.

When you finally meet in person again, replicate the dishes by cooking them together. Until then, create a cloud-based photo album and upload photos of home-cooked meals that show off your developing cooking skills.

For more suggestions, check out our list of virtual cooking classes.

22. Movie night

While you may not be able to go to the cinema together or curl up on the couch, you can still enjoy a movie night from a distance. Simply meet up using software like Zoom or WebEx, then use a program like Watch2Gether to synchronize video streams. Either choose your favorite flicks, or select a new movie to watch. You could even start a new TV series together, or take turns sharing short online videos with each other.

This activity can become a recurring virtual date idea, where you meet regularly to watch Netflix together, or watch shows separately and meet to discuss the latest episodes.

23. Matching picture challenge

The matching picture challenge is an interactive and fun virtual date idea. To prepare for the activity, send your date a list of photo prompts. The photo challenges may include:

  1. Pose with a statue
  2. Find your date’s name in a public place
  3. Make an animal friend
  4. Share a scenic view
  5. Pig out on fast food
  6. Dress up in costume
  7. Go window shopping
  8. Capture a sunset or sunrise

Each partner completes the instructions on the list, then shares the photos. To swap pictures, upload photos to a shared album, tag each other on social media, take turns sharing screens during a video call, or mail each other matching albums.

Photo challenges are a great online date idea because you can complete them gradually over the course of a month or year, if you would like. Though your scenery differs, doing the same activities around the same time and sharing the results will help you feel closer together.

24. Care package unboxing

Just because you cannot meet in person to swap gifts, does not mean you cannot exchange presents. One of the most fun virtual date ideas is to send each other surprise care packages.

To start, fill each box with items your significant other likes, or presents that remind you of memories you made together. If you are unsure of what items to include, then you can model your box off of the TikTok ‚ÄúTarget Challenge‚ÄĚ and select:

  1. Their favorite drink
  2. Their favorite snack
  3. An object in their favorite color
  4. An item that reminds you of them
  5. A random, everyday object

Next, mail the package to your date’s house. Both of you will wait until a Valentine’s video call to open the presents on camera.

This is a fun date idea not only for romantic partners, but also friends and relatives.

If you are short on time or want to save a trip to the post office, then customize a gift basket or order a surprise subscription box instead. It does not matter what gifts you choose to send, only that you open presents together.

25. Surprise dinner delivery

If your sweetheart lives within the delivery radius of restaurants, then you can order them a special Valentine’s Day meal. First, set a date or time for a video call. About one hour before the video date, order food from a nearby restaurant. Using a delivery app like GrubHub or DoorDash simplifies the process, and feel free to research and order directly from local businesses. Try to time the delivery so that the meal arrives right before the video call.

Both you and your date will order each other meals and keep the contents a secret. Reminding your date of any food allergies or special dietary needs is a good idea. The two of you can set a theme, such as comfort food, Italian, food trends, or world cuisines, or leave it up to choice.

When the meals arrive, join a video call, and enjoy your dishes together.

26. Online game night

There are many online versions of board games, card games, and video games that you and your Zoom date can play.

Here are a few of our favorite online games for virtual date nights:

There are plenty of other online games you and your partner can play to put a competitive and interactive spin on your online date night.

Simply search for internet versions of your favorite card or board games, or find a multiplayer online video game to beat together. While some couples embrace romantic rivalry, keep in mind that playing cooperative games where you work together may avoid arguments and encourage bonding.

You don’t need to limit the fun to traditional board or video games either. For a more intimate gaming experience, consider playing question games with your significant other so that you can get to know each other better.

27. Online zoo boos

Although you and your sweetheart may not be able to stroll through the zoo holding hands, you can still visit with animals virtually.

For low cost animal entertainment, check out one of these live zoo webcams:

Several zoos also offer custom virtual animal encounters. For instance, the Houston Zoo hosts animal painting sessions and mails the finished work to viewers, and also sells Cameo greetings from zoo inhabitants.

For more options of online zoos, check out our list of virtual tours of zoos. The post contains museums and national parks that make for great online dates!

28. Digital mixtape exchange

Whatever virtual date night ideas you choose, your evening needs a soundtrack. By using online playlists like YouTube, Spotify, and Pandora, create a custom mixtape for your date. First, set a theme to your list, such as songs that make me think of you, popular songs from the year we met, or songs I think you would like. Then, queue up the playlist during your call and let it play in the background.

Consider sending curated playlists at other times, too. For instance, you can send a list of songs for your sweetheart to listen to at work, or while driving. Sending music is one way to share feelings with your special someone even when you cannot call.

29. Virtual art class

Love acts as an excellent muse; just ask the thousands of songwriters, authors, painters, illustrators, sculptors, or other artists whose romantic relationships sparked inspiration.

This year, channel your feelings into artwork by taking a creative class with your date. Simply select a medium, find an online art class, then attend together and watch each other make masterpieces on Zoom. You can marvel at your date’s artistic talent, or bond over your lack thereof. Either mail each other the finished pieces, or, just have fun making art together.

For more recommendations, check out our list of virtual art classes.

Virtual Valentine’s Day gifts

From tokens of appreciation to grand declarations of affection, here are all the best gifts to send faraway loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

30. Personalized poem

One of the easiest virtual Valentine’s gifts to send is a personalized poem. First, compose a sonnet or soliloquy praising your loved one’s beauty, warmth, and virtues. Next, send your subject the poem in an email. Or, handwrite your love poem and mail it to your beau.

For inspiration, check out the best love poems of all time. If you do not have a way with words, then consider hiring a writer off of Fiverr or Upwork to compose your ode instead.

31. Chocolate

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand.

Here are some websites that offer email gift vouchers, which recipients can redeem online to select their own chocolates:

If you know your giftee’s address and tastes, then mail a box of actual chocolate instead.

32. Flowers

Assuming your date is not allergic, flowers make welcome gifts for any occasion. Valentine’s Day is the leading holiday for flower order and delivery. However, if you are afraid your present will not arrive in time, do not know your date’s physical address, or are unsure of what to order, then sending an egift card might be a better option.

Here are a few florists that offer emailable gift cards:

Many flower and plant subscription services, such as The Sill, also offer the option to buy credit or email a gift to a recipient, plus come with the benefit of sending multiple presents.

33. Wine Subscription

Win subscriptions allow you to buy a friend a drink or two from afar. Winc makes it easy to send a subscription virtually, which comes in handy if you know your recipient’s email address but not their physical address. Plus, your giftee can pick out their own wine, meaning you do not need to discern their tastes. Just be sure to check that your recipient lives in a state that allows alcohol in the mail!

Order a Winc subscription gift card.

34. Egift card

The simplest option is to email a gift card to your date. Either browse your partner’s favorite online store for email voucher options, or select one of the egift cards from the list below:

Or, send your sweetheart a payment through PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or Zelle. Though money is less personal than a physical gift, a digital transfer enables your special someone to treat themselves to something nice on your dime.

Final Thoughts

Though Valentine’s Day celebrates romantic love, the holiday presents the opportunity to show care for friends, family members, students and coworkers too. Even if you cannot gather to give hugs and kisses and gifts, there are many fun and creative virtual Valentine’s Day ideas that help you show affection for faraway loved ones.

Next, check out this list of virtual date ideas and our article on how to handle workplace romances as a manager .

34 Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas, Games & Activities in 2024 (2024)


34 Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas, Games & Activities in 2024? ‚Äļ

Candy (at 57%), greeting cards (40%), and flowers (39%) will be the most popular gifts.

What's trending for Valentine's Day 2024? ‚Äļ

Candy (at 57%), greeting cards (40%), and flowers (39%) will be the most popular gifts.

How to make Valentine's special online? ‚Äļ

How to make a Valentine's Day card
  1. Open Canva. Open Canva and search for "Valentine's Day Card." Click "Create a Design" to begin with a blank page.
  2. Find the ideal template. Browse through Canva's hundreds of Valentine's Day card templates. ...
  3. Explore features. ...
  4. Keep customizing. ...
  5. Share or print.

What is the most popular Valentine's Day activities? ‚Äļ

35 Best Things to Do on Valentine's Day for Everyone
  • Go to a Bookstore. ...
  • Put Together a Bouquet of Flowers. ...
  • Go to a Drive-in Movie Theater. ...
  • Paint Some Pottery Together. ...
  • Get Crafty. ...
  • Go on a Day Trip. ...
  • Buy Tickets to a Show. ...
  • Have a Movie Marathon.
Jan 31, 2024

What is the color of Valentine's Day in 2024? ‚Äļ

Shades of Love: Red and White Color Combination for Valentines Day Decor in 2024. As Valentine's Day approaches in 2024, love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate this special occasion than by infusing your surroundings with the timeless and captivating combination of red and white?

What is the total expected spending for Valentine's Day 2024? ‚Äļ

The National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates that consumers will spend a record $25.8 billion, an average of $185.81 per person, on Valentine's Day in 2024. It is no wonder that US retailers love the holiday.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day virtually with coworkers? ‚Äļ

6 Virtual Valentine's Day Ideas for Work
  1. Declare a bake-off
  2. Play some Valentine's Day games ūü߆
  3. Raise a glass ūüćł
  4. Get crafty ūüé®
  5. Arrange a group fundraising effort ‚öĖÔłŹ

How do you plan a virtual date? ‚Äļ

15 virtual date ideas to try with your long-distance partner
  1. Have a themed dinner night. ...
  2. Watch a movie together, apart. ...
  3. Have a book club. ...
  4. Try a virtual escape room. ...
  5. Share your favorite photos with each other. ...
  6. Try an online exercise class. ...
  7. Play some online board games. ...
  8. Share a hobby with your sweetheart.
Aug 2, 2023

How can I be creative for Valentine's Day? ‚Äļ

Shower your better half with all the love and affection they deserve this year.
  1. DIY Workshop: ...
  2. Go Dancing: ...
  3. Wine Tour: ...
  4. Private Tour: ...
  5. Themed Dinner and a Movie: ...
  6. Shopping: ...
  7. An Escape Room: ...
  8. Karaoke:

Can you send virtual Valentines cards? ‚Äļ

Surprise your loved ones with customizable online Valentine's Day cards, from romantic to funny and fresh. Send instantly via email or text, or schedule in advance.

What are some Valentine's Day traditions? ‚Äļ

Celebrating Valentine's Day in the United States comes with multiple go-to practices. Offering a bouquet of red roses to your beloved. Purchasing a card with a heartfelt message. Sharing a candlelit meal with your partner.

How to do romance? ‚Äļ

100 Ways to be Romantic | A dummies guide to being romantic
  1. The obvious one - buy some flowers. ...
  2. Buy some chocolates ‚Äď but again, the ones your partner likes. ...
  3. Take them on a romantic retreat. ...
  4. Go on a long walk. ...
  5. Make a meal for them. ...
  6. Declare tonight a film night. ...
  7. Write them a heartfelt letter. ...
  8. Take them dancing.

What are the 7 days leading to Valentine's Day? ‚Äļ

These seven days of love are Rose Day (February 7), Propose Day (February 8), Chocolate Day (February 9), Teddy Day (February 10), Promise Day (February 11), Hug Day (February 12), and Kiss Day (February 13).

What is the top candy purchased for Valentine's Day? ‚Äļ

America's favorite Valentine's Day candy, state by state

Here's how it breaks down: Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates win the day, taking the top spot in 15 states. Hot on the heels of this Valentine's Day cliche are those chalky little conversation hearts, which ranked in first place in 13 states.

How to dress for valentines day? ‚Äļ

Rich red is, of course, always appropriate, as are classic black or white styles. Sultry details like bustier-inspired bodices, ruching, ruffle hems, and off the shoulder necklines are playful and flirty for V-Day, whether you're doing girls night out or a romantic dinner.


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